The intro...

Here is the first post in a blog that I hope will be helpful to many people. I find useful information about Linux, computers, and unique builds on other peoples blogs and thought that I should give back.
A little about me, I am a soon to be a father of two and married to a wonderful women. I am pursuing my Bachelors degree in Computer Systems and Network Administration and have a very deep and growing interest in Linux, and networking. I have SO much to learn and hope to someday be able to put my newly acquired skills to use.
As I learn something that blows me away or was a chore to locate on the Internet I'll be sure to post it here so hopefully someone else can find it and make use of it.
Comments, corrections, and links are very welcomed here. Just go easy on my writing style as I am not an English scholar. Hopefully the more I write the more elegant my writing will become.

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