OpenSuSE 11.1 sadness

I was really excited about OpenSuse 11.1. I downloaded it the day it was released, burned it in windows, and installed it on my Linux/experimental computer. My goal was to see if OpenSuse 11.1 can finally be a full blown replacement for windows.

I went with KDE 4.1 for the first install. Yes, I said first. Compared to KDE 4 released with OpenSuse 11 it seemed very stable and clean. I was able to run it for about half a day with out getting any errors or crashes! Then to put it through the paces I tried to set up a Softphone. I found Twinkle in the packman repository and hooked up my microphone.

I was pleased with Twinkle for the most part. I don't think the codecs that come with it worked the best with my voip provider (www.voipstunt.com) but the bitch of it was try to get my microphone to work. Kmix would see it, but the volume slide bar was stuck at the bottom. I found a remake of Kmix that works like the KDE 3.5 version and that worked great.
The next thing that happened was when I added the Twinkle icon to the desktop folder, which I think is lame, it was there but unusable. I couldn't click, erase, or move it. Not having any more calories to burn trying to fix this after the hours I spent on the microphone, I decided to give Gnome a try.

I have always used KDE. I think it has a more crisp, elegent look to it. But Gnome on OpenSuse 11.1 looks pretty nice. So far I havn't had any major glitches. Beagle caused it to run at a snails pace, so I uninstalled that and it helped a lot. The repositories have me pulling my hair out. Every time they refresh or when I try to download a packet through software management I get "Can not resolve address" after I click retry 2-3 times it finally does it. But then it usually does the same thing for the next packet. I hope it's just due to the traffic on the repository servers being high with this new release.

I'll ride out Gnome for a bit. I still need to get Samba working, Banshee to play files on a Samba share (If it can), and reconfigure my Softphone. If I hit any major snags I'll default back to KDE 3.5.



  1. You uninstalled Beagle during its initial indexing of your data. Yes, that scan can take some time; no, after that scan you don't realize it's there in the background anymore.

    Sad that you didn't hold out during that initial indexing because now you're missing out on its awesome functionality.

  2. I tried the 64 bit version of the KDE4 live cd and it worked well but after seeing what's coming up in KDE 4.2, the linux kernel (kernel mode setting) and zypper (downloads through aria2 using bittorent and metalink protocols, but this one is not so sure) I decided to wait for openSUSE 11.2. And since it is planned (though not yet confirmed) that it will be released in september it promises to be really stable. It would be shipped with KDE 4.3.1. I don't know you but to me those are compelling reasons to wait for it.

  3. Thanks for the comments. Didn't think anyone would find this little blog.
    With previous versions of Openesuse I never had it slow down like 11.1 did after the initial install. It was almost unusable. After I uninstalled Beagle it was a little better, but the repository problem still persisted with KDE 4.1 and Gnome. Last night I switched back to KDE 3.5 and all is going well thus far.

    I will hold of on installing Opensuse on my other comps until OpenSuse 11.2 also.
    Thanks for the info and insights.